Архів теґу: software developer

Компанія Brainlab шукає розробника програмного забезпечення для медичних застосунків

Founded in Munich, Germany in 1989, Brainlab develops, manufactures and markets software-driven medical technology, enabling access to improved, more efficient, less-invasive patient treatments. Our key to success is our creative, talented and hard-working team, which consists of over 1200 dedicated and inspiring individuals in 17 offices worldwide. To succeed in reaching our targets, we are seeking committed colleagues who can stand behind our core values of inspiration, simplicity and integrity (m/f):



Польська компанія Codility шукає програмних інженерів

You will work in a small team of excellent programmers to implement new features and refactor mercilessly. You will work on our core technologies, which include self-improving test sets, programming language translators, a secure execution sandbox, elastic pricing models and fuzzy code comparison, as well as on new ideas. You will be responsible for writing well-structured code that is fun to work with, both for yourself and for others.Докладніше

Китайська компанія Cyclare шукає програмних інженерів

Cyclare Technologies Corp. is a software company based in Guangzhou, the biggest cities in South China area. Cyclare focuses on providing cutting-edge technologies and systems for local hospitals and healthcare institutions. We are looking for engineers from Ukraine to develop the most advanced cloud-based healthcare products. We would like to build long-term relationship with your fine school and provide the opportunities for your students to experience the most fantastic life in China.Докладніше