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Nordstern Technologies
As part of our market diversification strategy, we are starting to evaluate some different business countries in different countries. In the case of Ukraine, we want to start conducting a series of market researchs and other management process to analyze the feasibility of a business project related to the women’s clothes and accessories industry.

In other to do this we need to hire one person in Kiev to coordinate our efforts to run these processes. This starting project will be held during 45 to 60 days, starting in the next few weeks.

We need to evaluate a few candidates that fulfill the following requirements:

  • Area of studies: International Relations (with specialization in International Management and Marketing, Business Administration, Management of International Business or International Marketing).
  • Level of studies: Graduated or undergraduated (studying the last 2 semester of their bachelor degree).
  • Age: 24 to 35 years old.
  • Gender: Female.
  • Work location: Kiev.
  • Travel Requirements: Not at this first phase of the project.
  • Foreign Languages: Fluent English (mandatory), Spanish (desirable), Mandarin (desirable).
  • Skills and Knowledge:
    • Market Research.
    • Start up processes.
    • International trading.
    • Business Management.
    • Proactive.
    • Goal oriented.
  • Main activities:
    • Conduct marketing research processes using different methods regarding and specific market segment in Kiev.
    • Help to define the value chain model for the project.
    • Help to define de adequate business model for the project.
    • Identify the requirements to establish a new company in Ukraine according.
    • Integrate a business feasibitity report.
  • Project duration: 2 months.
  • General comments: This is a project based on goals so it can being implemented in a part or full time model according to the candidate’s skills and possibilities.
  • Salary: $450 USD per month.

Contact for further information: Raul Rico (rricog@nst.mx)